Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kemper Va-Ca

We are in Port Aransas for a few days for the annual Kemper family vacation. Toppe, Grandpa, Steven, Candice and the 5 of us have a great beach front house on the beach.... though I do admit we have a huge dune in front of the house that blocks a good part of the view. I was not sure how the kids would react to the beach... the salt water, sand and grit, but they have LOVED it. We have had a blast, made sand castles, laughed 'til our sides hurt, and best of all made memories to last a life time. Lots of pics to come!
Special thanks to Toppe, Grandpa, Steven & Candice. You have made this a fun, yet somewhat relaxing vacation. Austin, Avery & Caleb have had such a GREAT time and love you forever. Wes & I thank you for the opportunity to get away from the everyday chaos and enjoy a few days listening to the wind and the waves.

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