Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is a birthday without....


When asked what kind of birthday party they wanted to have, Austin's response was "cowboy party" and Avery's was "princess party". I knew I'd have a tough time with that invitation so I went with the generic invite but went with their ideas for the cakes. That probably makes it sound like I did the cakes. Ha! Olde Town Bakery created these masterpieces with the help of a few pictures I brought in of cakes that Avery & Austin had picked out on the internet. Everything was edible. That is a fondant tiarra on Avery's cake and a solid white chocolate cowboy hat on Austin's. Not only did they look amazing (these pictures don't do them justice), they were delicious!!!

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Jaime said...

yes those pictures do them justice. They are amazing! I might have to check into them for my boys birthday!