Sunday, August 15, 2010

Party like a 4-year old

I wasn't so sure that having a party for Austin & Avery at the house was the best idea, but we went with it anyway. I was anxious about who to invite, unfamiliar parents, being unprepared and the heat that would drive 20 4-yr olds inside our home to pull out every single toy we own. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. 15 other Bouncing Bears from St. Pauls and cousin Kennedy showed up for the party. Don't get me wrong, it was HOT, but the kids still spent time in the jumping house, rode on a hayride, had a kid friendly lunch - hot dogs, grapes, cheetos & watermelon, indulged in cake, and watched Avery and Austin tear through their gifts- literally. Time flew fast and before I knew it we were handing out party favor cd's and saying goodbyes. Once everyone was out the door, we made a quick clean sweep and started getting ready for round number 2 with family that evening.


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