Sunday, August 22, 2010

New beds!

Close your eyes and imagine you are driving down the interstate and pass a truck with mattresses out the wazoo loaded down. You wonder to yourself why in the heck do they need that many mattresses and think they are crazy for strapping down the mountain of comfort. Well, that was us on Saturday - 3 full mattresses and 3 box springs on Wes's truck as we picked up A&A&C's new resting mats and headed to cousin Kennedy's party in Montgomery.
Today Wes & I got right to it after church - disassemble toddler beds, put together new bed frames, realize some furniture must to go, remind ourselves that we need more storage, move furniture, clean cloests, move in new mattresses, rearrange again, reorganize, put on new bedding, show excited kids their new sleeping grounds... take a deep breath. Pics to come, but still have a few things on back order for the boys room. We'll see how the first night in big girl/boy beds goes tonight! At least when I put Avery to bed I can lay on a nice pillow top instead of a hard floor!
Tomorrow is a big day for us. A&A start Pre-K and Caleb is a Frisky Frog at St. Pauls. Can't wait to see how the day goes!

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The Schramm Clan said...

How fun!! I know the kids were excited!