Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avery's school report

I am loving life as an Ocean Treasure. My teachers are Ms. Winkelmann and Ms. Moehlmann and they are both super nice. We get to do all kinds of fun things in our new classroom. I love the kitchen center and playing games on the computer. We get to paint a lot in my new class and I love that because mommy doesn't let us paint much at home. She says we are too messy. We even had to bring a special paint shirt to school!
I am really growing up and that means I have to do homework. Not sure what the big deal is about homework, it is usually super fun. I had to make a picture of myself and put together a special poster all about my family. I usually get my homework done before Austin. For some reason he doesn't really like to do his homework right away like I do. I am learning to write my letters and I love to practice writing them on mommy and daddy's important papers. Sometimes mommy gets mad because I write my letters all over my school art projects, but I try to remind her that practice makes perfect.
I'm making lots of friends and will be sure to keep everyone updated on any Ocean Treasure gossip!

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Jaime said...

Seriously, does Avery prefer to do homework whil Austin prefers to play!? Oh that makes my heart sing... I was hoping it was just a boy thing!