Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caleb's school report

Frisky Frogs rule! I love my new classroom and teachers. Ms. Becky & Ms. Carima & Ms. Stacy are the coolest. The first week I was a little hesitant when going through carline and would cry, but I just wanted mommy to take me inside herself. She tried to explain something about being late for work, but I know the truth.... she is usually late whether she takes us in herself or drops us off in carline.
Ms. Becky says I am a good helper. On the first day of school mommy picked me up early and Ms. Becky said she was sad to see me go because I was the only one that helped pick up the toys. Mommy was so proud! We get to do lots of art projects. I bring home something almost everyday for mommy to put on the fridge or put in my special art box. We've done lots of frog projects - ribbit!
The best part about being a Frisky Frog is that I get to play on the big playground. I love it! I am pretty sure I am going to have a great year being a frog.

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