Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last splash for the summer

The summer is coming to an end and somehow we have failed to make a trip to The Woodlands to see Aunt Candice and Uncle Steve. Going to see them in the summer is always a treat because it usually means a trip to their neighborhood kid pool, a real treat for all of us. So this past weekend when Wes went up to get their deer lease ready, we went up to stay with Steve & Candice and get in a trip to the pool. A&A&C are at a perfect age... the perfect age for me to sit on the side and just watch! Yes, I love doing things with my kids, but there are times that I savor the opportunity to sit back and watch them interact and play. Of course it was great having Candice & Steve along because they got a little play time in with the kids and wore them out. In fact Steven & Candice had the kids by themselves for most of the morning. They had breakfast at Chick-fil-A, made a trip to the PetStore, ventured to the dollar store for some high quality goodies, and finished up at the park before meeting me to go to the pool.
Thanks to Steve & Candice for the hospitality. I probably did not help our families desire for the two of them to have children of their own. A day A&A&C probably serves better as birth control.

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