Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovin' the warmer weather!!

Hello spring!!! It's so good to see ya. Thanks to you and your warmer temperatures Austin, Avery & Caleb have enjoyed some long afternoons outdoors. It is great to get home after work/school, grab a snack and then send them outdoors, after they all change of course (grrr). For some reason they tend to have a tough time staying clothed though once outside. Between mudpies in the sandbox and "washing" rocks, they end up dirty, wet, and then butt naked. Good thing we live in the country!!
The toughest thing about these spring nights is that we have a hard time getting inside. Supper, showers and our bedtime routine get a bit rushed. The past few nights the boys have enjoyed turning on the back porch lights and catching june bugs. In the mornings before we go to school, the boys take the caught june bugs from the night before and take them to the chickens.... yes, another "only in the country" activity. We're glad to see the june bugs and we are so glad spring is here!

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