Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing hookey!!

Wes left the house a little before 7am to ride out to the lake with a his dad, Uncle Doug & Mr. Brown to enjoy a little fishing this morning. The kids were sound asleep when he left, but were wide awake and getting dressed for school when he came back just after 7am. Apparently there were going to be 2 boats going to the lake and Wes came back to see if the kids wanted to go along. He earned major "Cool Dad" points! He didn't have to ask them twice. We scrambled for swim suits, hats, a change of clothes, snacks and then they were out the door. From all indications the kids had a great time. I think Wes may have second guessed his decision to take them along a time or two, especially with Caleb constantly saying "Hey Daddy!" and everyone constantly wanting a snack, but I am pretty sure he enjoyed spending the day with them.

The catch of the day!

So now, it is a little before 9pm and the kids have been sound asleep for almost an hour. Usually we are just starting to brush teeth, but tonight they are snoozinng. They had a full day and never stopped going. After a full morning of fishing, they helped clean fish, rode their fleet around the yard, washed rocks, showered, ate fresh fish and then CRASHED! Sounds like a pretty great day of playing hookey to me!

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