Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No excuse....

It's been over a week since I last blogged. I wish I had an explanation, but there is no real excuse. Maurer Party of Five has been in full swing with places to go, things to do and people to see. I will say that doing all of these things seems to be a bit easier now or at least there seems to be less factors to throw us off course and that is a good thing!
We are back to longer days and that is a plus in my book. Warmer temps + longer sunshine = more play time outside = less clean up inside. Of course we also run into the fact that we tend to stay outside until the sun goes down and then trying to squeeze in supper, baths, reading and bedtime gets a bit hectic. What will we do when homework is necessary??? Due to A&A's later birthday, we missed out on tball this year, but I am really ok with that. I know our day of running from practice to game to practice is coming. A&A&C still get in their practice swings in the backyard outside. Caleb got a real bat and hard balls for his birthday. Those don't come out unless daddy or mommy is watching. Though I feel fairly confident about the safety of my windows this year, I am not so sure about the years to come.
From here on out our weekends are full through the end of April and then our first big family trip will happen in May.... Maurer Party of Five is headed to Disney World!!! Part of me is sooo excited and there is a part of me that is exhausted just thinking about it.
More posts to come sooner than later....

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