Saturday, March 5, 2011


Avery has already had two nights away from home by herself at cousin Kennedy's house in Montgomery. She always comes back with fun stories and always makes sure to tell us about getting to go get her toes done. It was time for us to return the favor so when we found out Kennedy was going to be staying at her grandparents for a few days in February, the opportunity seemed perfect. It was, except Caleb's birthday weekend fell the same weekend. Not a huge deal, but I felt bad that we didn't get to have as much fun with the girls as we may have otherwise. I was able to let the girls have a little "girl time" Friday afternoon. I picked Kennedy up and then we went and got Avery from school and had lunch at their choice - McDonalds. After lunch they got their nails and toes painted with matching designs and the rest of the evening was spent playing and arguing with the boys - good times! Can't wait to have her back again and next time I hope to get more pics!

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The Schramm Clan said...

She had a blast!!! Love to you!!