Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hollywood Studios

I read many a planning guide, trip advisor report and even subscribed to a 'Disney know it all' website to get ready for this trip. One thing I read over and over was that you should make an intenerary and stick to it. Get the things you want to get done first and then have your back up list. My itenerary said that Monday we would go to Magic Kingdom early before the park opened, get our fast passes, go down the list of attractions I thought the kids would enjoy, and head back late that evening.
Well, Monday we let the kids sleep until after 8am, ate a late breakfast that included Mickey shaped waffles and then headed to Hollywood Studios. So much for that itenerary. We spent a good 5 hours at the park and hit the highlights - Toy Story Mania, Muppets 3-D, Beauty and the Beast Show, PIXAR parade (best parade I've seen), street side shows and a little souveneir shopping. We headed back to the resort so the kids could do what they wanted to do ever since we got here - swim. There are 7 pools at our resort, one with slide and lazy river. They loved the slide and we were guaranteed another good nights sleep.

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