Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adios Altima

So I admit that blogging about a car may not win me any new followers, but the Altima deserves it's own post.  After totaling my car in a fender bender on a trip from Brenham to Austin in Nov 2001, the Altima became the first brand new car I owned and it was one of Wes and I's first big purchases together.  We decided to buy something a little bigger when A&A arrived, but decided to keep the Altima in our fleet for Wes to drive back and forth to LaGrange for work.  I wasn't crazy about having 3 vehicles on the payroll, but it wound up being one of the best decisions we ever made since driving his "big green truck" would have killed our pocket books with the cost of diesel these last few years.  Well, now it's been 5 years of commuting and the Altima was getting up in years, maintenace and mileage... 202,000 miles to be exact!!  We decided it was time to trade her in and after realizing we wouldn't get much for her on a dealership trade in, Wes listed her on Craig's List and we got triple the trade in estimate.  Go Craig's List!!  Now Wes is the owner of a midsize truck that he will use to commute to work and for now we will keep the big truck.  So Adios Altima.... thanks for all your years of service to our crew!

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