Saturday, September 17, 2011

Washington County Fair

After a full Wednesday night, Friday night and Saturday morning, we are faired out.  The rides, the rodeo, the animals, the exhibits, and the fried fair food proved once again to be a huge hit for our crew.  Now that the kids are getting older they are a bit more demanding in what they want to do and where they want to go.  The petting zoo proved to be a hit for Avery this year.  She was in tears last year and hung onto Wes and I for dear life when we took her in.  I think she kept on insisting we go back this year to prove to herself she wasn't scared anymore.  Austin would have spent every night in the carnival if we had let him.  We chose Wednesday for wrist band unlimited ride night but Austin kept hoping he could talk us into just one more ride.  It didn't work.  One night with the carnys is enough!  Caleb was our rodeo man.  We were entertained Friday night with calf roping, calf scrambling and bull riding.  That little boy ate it up and was all smiles.  The mechanical bull highlighted the fair for all of them.  They stayed on the full time, hand up and a huge smile on their face.

My fair picture taking efforts get an epic fail.  Here are a few random shote I was able to capture.

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