Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dove season 2011

There is WAY too much camo in this picture, would you agree?
 It is Sept 1st, first day of dove season and you better know that there would be Maurer's and Rau's hunting out on HWY 105.  Wes picked up the kids and headed over to the Rau's for a little dove action this afternoon.  We had arranged for Avery to go to Mimi's since I had a Boys & Girls Club Board Meeting, but much to my surpise she chose to hang with the boys for the night AND wear camo. 
 The bird chasers!

So, I admit, the whole hunting thing and shooting animals just doesn't do it for me.  Not sure that I will ever quite understand it or get into the excitement, but I do know that I have some guys in this house that really enjoy it.  I think it is pretty cool that Wes takes the time to take the kids sometimes when he goes to share the experience with them.  They will always remember that and if nothing else, we always have meat in the freezer.

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