Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A bit of a breather....

The end of October was a blur - soccer games, polo match, hayride, work meetings, family portraits, UT football game, garage sale and Halloween on top of house chores, work, homework, and school.  There were days we opened the door and couldn't remember if we were coming or going.  Getting home at 5:15pm and having to be at the soccer fields a little before 6pm has been mastered and I actually preplanned a meal or two and now have even a deeper appreciation for drive thru dinner fundraisers.  Fortunately things have slowed down a little bit this past weekend and I am going to give all credit to deer hunting.  In our area, people know the first weekend of November means deer season and very little can trump the cherished hunter's holiday.  We had no birthday party invite or big community event to attend.  Instead the big hunter in our family headed to the deer lease and the kids and I hung out most of the weekend.  Toppe and Grandpa offered to take the kids to the last home football game on Friday and keep them over night.  On my night to myself I enjoyed a glamourous trip to Wal-Mart and dinner from HEB, but I won't complain... I enjoyed the "me" time. 
Wes reported a good weekend away at the deer lease.  He didn't come back with a rack of horns, but I think he's waiting to get something when he goes with Austin this coming weekend.  To say Austin is excited to be going hunting with his dad is an understatement.  That little boy will be in heaven in the deer stand with his daddy.  I admit it's pretty cool to see his eyes light up when he talks about hunting with his daddy.  They've been packing for days.
We've got two weeks of soccer left and I admit I am ready to see the season come to an end.  Not sure that soccer will be the sport of choice for either Austin or Avey, but I guess we have a few years to figure that out.  They both hustle and stay on the ball most of the time and smile from ear to ear when they score a goal.  Next year they will be the oldest ones in their division due to their August birthdays so watch out!!! 
So we will enjoy a few slower weekends before we get into the holiday season.  It is right around the corner!

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