Sunday, November 13, 2011

Father/Son hunt

Wes went back to the deer lease this past weekend, this time with one anxious little boy in tow.  On the way out of town, they picked up Dane & Kade Rau and headed to Mason with dreams of  big antlers running in their heads.    
 The first kill of the trip.  Wes got this with his bow from the "pop up blind"
 Our little hunter.  He LOVES the opportunity to have a little one-on-one time with his daddy at the deer lease. 
 The big kill of the weekend!  Wes and Austin were sitting in a tree stand and this buck was in and out of the area before Wes drew back and got him with his bow and arrow.  There was one proud hunter and one very excited little boy.  I got the text "BBD" about 9:30am Saturday morning.  If you aren't into the hunter lingo, that means Big Buck Down.
 They will remember this kill for a while.

Kade and Austin both assisted with putting away this coon.  Congrats to Kade for shooting his first doe this weekend... a cool milestone for someone who will probably see a lot more hunts in his lifetime.

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