Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Feast Round #2

 Granny Maurer & her great grandkids.
 Granny Maurer & her grandkids.
 Mimi, Dorothy & Jerri got in a little time at the coloring table!
 Sparklers are not just for July 4th & New Years.... Thanksgiving is just as worthy... with or without a burn ban.

Avery left our house with Uncle Jason without her hair done.  She saw Kelcie's hair curled, she insisted hers be done the same way.  She looked adorable!!! 

Turkey Round #2 was with the Maurer Clan at Dorothy's house Friday night.  We had enough appetizers to feed a small army, so imagine how full we were after also having a full traditional spread turkey feast.  Doug had 3 trays of turkey and 3 seperate dressings!  Pretty sure nothing there was on the Weight Watchers menu, but calories don't count on holidays, right?  Holidays with the Maurers are always a guaranteed good time.  Jamie Hafner knew how to entertian the kids with sidewalk chalk roadways and sparklers.  Good times!

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