Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family portraits.

We have not taken family pics for at least two years for several reasons.... we are busy people, I have a good quality camera to catch picture perfect moments, I personally am not a big fan of being in front of the camera, and #1... they stress me out!  I envision perfection when I think of a professional picture session... everyone coordinating, smiling, happy, and cooperative.  That can be a challenge for our crew!  But, I really wanted to get pictures taken to capture this crazy,fun time in our life so I called Robyn Farmer after seeing her session shots with the Siemsglusz family.  I loved how candid her photos were and loved some of her editing techniques.   
Scheduling was a bit of a challenge as we had to plan around a busy weekend schedule, soccer games, and work meetings but after several attempts we found a weekday to work.  I knew our dress attire would be a challenge as Caleb insists on wearing jeans and boots.  Anything else results in a major melt down and I didn't need swollen red eyes for pictures.  Avery's reaction to clothes choices is dependent on how the wind blows, or maybe the moon.... actually, I haven't figured that out.  My choice would have been to go out and buy something new for everyone,but that was just not in the budget so we closet shopped for picture attire.  Then there are attitudes.  You never know what kind of a mood everyone will be in after a day at school/work.  Well for our scheduled session day, it was pretty chaotic.  I'll leave out those details, but there were tears from more than one set of eyes and we showed up 10 minutes late to the Rose Emporium.  That wound up being crucial, because we only had about 20 minutes of good light and after that the shots were pretty grainy.  Robyn offered to shoot a second session at an earlier time and with that offer I promised myself I wasn't going to get so worked up and stressed out and I didn't .  We took our second set of pics in some of the old scenic views of downtown Brenham and I think we walked away with a few keepers.
You can see a sneak peak of our photo shoots on Robyn's blog which is listed on the right on my blog role.  I'm so excited and can't wait to see more.  The pictures don't show perfect subjects, not everyone is smiling at the same time, but the do capture some of the true character of MAURER PARTY OF FIVE. 
Thanks, Robyn!  We appreciate your hard work and captured memories!

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