Monday, November 12, 2012

Boys will be boys...

It was the weekend at the deer lease WITH the young hunters.  4 boys at deer camp = lots of memories  and 2 exhausted dads!  

Caleb, Brady, Austin, and Kade

Silly hunters with their camo faces on.

The young pups who insisted on painting their faces every time they left the camp house.

Kade & Austin checking out their bb gun shots at the 'mickey mouse' looking cactus.

These boys shot at just about everything with their bb guns and ran out of bb's half way through day 2.

Brotherly love!

The guys spent 4 days in Mason at the deer lease and came back with stories to tell lots of dirty laundry!  They grubbed on cheetos and homeade fried chicken and ran the batteries out on the iPad and iPhone several times.  These are great accesories for sitting with antsy boys in a 4X4 deer blind.  Overall a great weekend!

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