Monday, November 12, 2012

The big kill...

It was a BIG weekend for Austin as he not only shot his first deer on his own, he shot two!  Two does.  Wes would be better at telling the exact stories of each deer kill so I'll just show the pics.  I apologize for a few of these, the open deer mouth is a bit frightening if you ask me.

 Deer #1

Not  only was there an excited hunter... there was one  proud daddy!

First deer. 11-9-12.

Being official and filling out his tag.  Caleb was there for moral support :)

This was doe #2 with a much better shot!

Hunting buddies.   

Kade and Austin showing off their does.

Doe #2 w/ dad.

So now we have plenty of deer meat and the boys have stories to tell.   A pretty cool father/son experience!

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