Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Soccer, it's a wrap

We finished up soccer tonight.  The last 10 weeks have kept us on the go, sometimes with one game a week and some weeks up to 3.  It's been nice having Austin & Caleb on the same team.  Next year we'll have 3 separate schedules to plan around.  Austin & Avery scored pretty much every game, sometimes 1 goal and other nights up to 6.  Caleb preferred to enjoy the defensive side of the game and protect the goal, at least when we weren't yelling at him "get in there, go get the ball!"  

Shelby, Avery, Heidi, Kolbie, Adylynn, Lilly

Mason, Caleb, Brady, Austin, Jase & Weston

Maurer Power

Our biggest fans!!!  

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