Monday, July 7, 2014

Days at Sea - Hanging by the Pool

What can I say, give us a pool, lounge chair and sunshine and we are happy people.  Yep, pretty easy to please.  For the days that we were at sea all day, we spent most of the afternoon on the Liedo deck.  Adults were in lounge chairs, kids were in a pool, hot tub, riding a slide or eating ice cream.  I was worried they'd get bored... never happened.  A DJ kept us going with tunes and there was plenty of people watching to keep us entertained.  

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Unknown said...

I agree. A pool, good music and the sun are always the best ingredients for an enjoyable time. Looks like you and your kids really enjoyed the party right there. It’s even great that they have huge slides, which I'm sure you guys all enjoyed. Kudos! :D

Lindsay Wood @ Pool Shop WA