Monday, July 21, 2014

Family trip

There is a major difference between a trip and a vacation: 

Trip - travel to a distant location, with kids.  
Vacation - travel to a distant location, without kids.  

The difference is significant.  With our crew, we don't travel far without help.  As the kids get older, they are so much more independent, but it's nice to have reinforcements around when mama and daddy are worn out.  Truth is, we'd could do this trip on our own, but Mimi (and Popo) loves to travel.  This was our family trip for the year and we chose an easy cruise out of Galveston to see how the kids would like it.  Jason and Bruce made the trip too and you know you will always have a good time with those two around.  Blessed to have the opportunities to do these trip with family.  Truly a blessing.....

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