Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scuba Diving....

At our resort, the majority of the water activities were included in the all inclusive package.  That included sailing (on a real sail boat), paddle board, catamaran cruise, snorkeling, and scuba diving.  I can't say I've ever given scuba diving much thought, but when we were planning out our days, it only seemed logical that we give it a try.  After going through a 2 hour training course that included practice in a pool, we were headed out into the ocean.  To say I was nervous as I jumped into the water with all the gear on is an understatement.  Our biggest fear was getting water in our masks and having to remove it... a skill we both had a tough time with during the pool practice.  No worries, water never entered our masks and as we swam 40 feet at the bottom of the ocean examining sea life, our nerves quickly relaxed.  
We came face to face with a nurse shark under a ledge on the ocean floor, saw a rare sea horse and fish that were all colors of the rainbow.  It was amazing, but we were also glad to get the signal that it was time to ascend up to the boat.  Not sure if scuba is our thing, but so glad it's something we can say we did.

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