Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1st tooth

Well, Caleb got his 1st tooth today. With his drooling, chewing and occasional fussiness, we've been on the look out. As I type this, he is crawling around, exploring, and blowing bubbles out of his mouth. He just got done with supper - broccoli & rice, turkey w/ vegetables and cereal with apples and cherries... all baby food of course. A full course meal for a growing boy and yes, he ate every bite. He eats better than I remember Austin & Avery eating at this age. He's got to keep his strength up if he wants to keep up with his brother and sister!


The Kat said...

What beautiful children! It seems like only yesterday that Thana was jumping up and down on her chair because you just called and told her that you all were having twins!
I think all the babies look like one another...except Avery is beautiful and the boys are handsome!

Jamie...I sent this to Abbye and she started a blog too so that I am not so lonely for my grandbabies...so thanks for sharing...her site is gilmoresclan.blogspot.com if you want to see her 4!

Anonymous said...

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