Friday, October 24, 2008

2 year old conversations

I love to hear Austin and Avery carry on conversations... at least the ones where they don't end up screaming at each other. Here are a few that stick out in my mind from this week..

While playing with their UT building blocks:
Austin - "Look, Hook 'em horns. You say it Avery."
Avery - "Hook 'em horns."
Austin - "Very good, Avery"
Austin finds Avery crying by the back door:
Austin - "What happened Avery?"
Avery - "Avery hit head on floor."
Austin - "Where Avery?"
Avery - "Right here." (points)
Austin - "Right here, Avery?" (points)
Avery - "No Austin, right here."
Austin - (pointing at floor) "No, no floor, no hurt Avery. Go time out."

Austin to Avery who is banging blocks on the table: "No, no Avery. No hit blocks on table. Make Austin sad." (If the kids do something I don't like I say it makes me sad)
A few random pics from the week....

Lopsided pig tails.....
Doesn't Austin look different with his hair combed to the side?

Caleb turned 8 months this week!!!!!!

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The Logan Clan said...

that is hilarious, i can't believe how much they change in such a short amount of time...your munchkins are precious