Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful fall weekend

My best attempt to have all 3 in a picture

Avery enjoying the hobby horses. (That's Della Jasinski and her dad Della beside her)

Horns had another great game this weekend. Caleb was ready to watch the game.

Austin's catfish he caught at KidFish.

Fishin' at the pool....

I am experiencing a very rare moment... someone called and asked if they could come pick up our children. Of course I wouldn't let just anyone get them... Jamie & Kelcie called and wanted to come get ALL 3 kids and take them back to their house for a little while. They didn't have to ask twice!!! I gave them fair warning that Caleb had not slept long this afternoon and Avery and Austin had not slept at all and they still took them!!! That is a first for us (no naps), so I'm sure this evening will be trying.... I am preparing myself now.

We had a fun weekend. Got to love the weather. Yesterday we had a full agenda: KidFish, 2 birthday parties, a 60th wedding anniversary, and a wedding. We made the first 3 events and that was enough for us. Kidfish was fun... catfish are put in the outdoor pool at the Aquatic Center and then kids get to fish away. Austin caught a fish, so it made the event well worth it. It is safe to say that Avery and I share the same thoughts on fishing... no thanks. She preferred to play on the slide. The bday parties were fun.... after 3 consecutive weekends at the carousel, we are now pros. No more crying. Today we had church and then lunch with my parents and Uncle Steve and Aunt Candice.

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