Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A glimpse into the future

Since Wes and I both work fulltime, we have somewhat of a routine during the week which consists of picking the kids up around 5pm, coming home for snack, then playtime, supper, baths, reading/cartoons, and bedtime.... not always in that order. We have our good nights and our not so good nights, but most are spent at home. This week is a big change due to Vacation Bible School. This year our church wanted to try having it in the evenings from 5pm - 8:30pm. They serve a meal at 5pm and actual VBS starts at 6pm. So, that means I pick all 3 kids up at 5pm, drop Caleb off with either Kelcie or Wes, drive out to church where A&A and I have supper and then a full night of VBS. We arrive home around 9pm and because A&A don't usually eat much at the early meal becuase they are too busy watching everone else, they are starving so we try to throw something together for them to eat at 9:00pm and then still have to do the bath and bedtime routine. Last night it was about 10:30pm before they got to bed and they were up at 6:45am just to do it all over again today.
Wes in enjoying getting some of his outside projects done that he can't do with kids around - that includes the front entrance to our drive which is done minus plants. He did all the work himself... my do it yourselfer! Anyway, I was thinking last night on my drive home from VBS, that this is probably what we have to look forward to in the years to come. Between soccer, baseball, gymnastics, and whatever the kids decide to get involved in, I will be a taxi mom on the road. Can't wait?!?!

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