Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hot, hot, hot

It's summer and man it's hot... hotter than "normal" I do believe. I can tell that the kids have a bit more energy when they get home in the afternoons because they are not getting as much outside time at school since it's too hot to take them out on the playground in the afternoons. We use to stay outside for a while once we got home, but now we usually go inside for a while and let the sun go down a bit so that things cool off. This week they are going to Bible school at St.Paul's in the morning and bringing home some pretty cool crafts in their backpacks. Their tubs of school work and art projects are already full and they are 2 & 1! Soon I will learn not to keep everything.
Avery has a new fascination with their backpacks. My daily routine is to bring in all the backpacks, put them on the kitchen counter and pulling out the daily notes and then right away prepare them for the next day. Now she insists on doing the same. She will take all 3 backpacks into her room and take everything out of them, including the ziplock bag with the extra change of clothes, then she puts everything back in... she may do that a time or two. Not sure why that fascinates her, but it keeps her busy!

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