Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dance Night at the Maurer's

It's nights like tonight that make all the difficult trials and tribulations of having 3 toddlers worth it. At 9:00pm, when we are usually winding down, all 3 kids were wired. They were running threw the halls pegging each other with plastic balls and we knew they weren't tired because no one fussed when they got hit, in fact they laughed. So I decided it was time to do some dancing, maybe wear them out. I pulled the CD player out of their closet and tried to find some music on the radio worth grooving to. In the mean time Wes went and found some old mix CDs that we have and then the dance was on.... a little Milli Vanilli, old school Brittany Spears and numerous others. "Blame it on the Rain", Milli Vanilli.... oh yeah, we told the kids to hold up their arms in the air and shimmy them down like it's raining every time the song said "blame it on the rain". It was HILARIOUS. Austin was more into than Avery... he could shimmy like no other. "Shout" was another favorite... we'd all jump, yes all 5 of us, everytime they said "shout". It was good family fun...

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