Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An evening of tears...

So we have fun nights like I blogged about last week where everyone is in a good mood and we do fun things like dance to Milli Vanilli's greatest lip synch hits. Then there are nights like tonight where tears are shed at the drop of a hat and all we want to do is get everyone to bed without losing our cool. At one point tonight all 3 kids were crying and it all started because when Avery and Austin walked through the back door, Austin wanted to close it and he didn't get to so he started crying. He may have then nudged Avery because he was mad at her and then she started crying and then Caleb must have felt left out because he started crying. We settled down a bit as soon as supper was put on the table, but as soon as baths started, tears started again. Caleb was crying because he was basically tired, Avery didn't want to get in the tub because she didn't want to get her finger wet (she had a very small cut from earlier in the day) and Austin, well, I think he was just in one of those moods. He objected to just about everything we told him until he laid his head on his pillow. The tears and whining can make for a very long night and it makes you want to stay up a little longer after the kids are asleep to enjoy the sound of silence.

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