Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little Q&A

We are really into "favorites" right now. Everytime I give Avery something she likes, she gets a big grin and says "that's my favorite". This afternoon I asked A&A a few questions...

Favorite color: Austin - blue, Avery - pink
Favorite book: Austin - Animal Train, Avery - Pinkalicious
Favorite snack: Austin - cheese chex mix, Avery - peanut butter crackers
Favorite ice cream: both said chocolate - not sure why because the only thing we ever buy is Homeade Vanilla
Favorite drink: Austin - chocolate milk, Avery - orange juice
Favorite lunch: Austin - pizza, Avery - chicken nuggets
Favorite friend: Austin - William, Avery - Chasidy
Favorite toy: Austin - fire truck; Avery - kitchen

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