Monday, July 27, 2009

What we've been up to....

The last few days have been somewhat routine for us or at least nothing too much that deserves it's own blog post.... Here's what's been going on:
- thanks to a garage sale, "stuff" has been cleared out of the attic & garage. Now it's time to get more stuff!
- playscape building has begun. "Wes the builder, Yes he can!"
- we leave for the beach next week. We are prepping the kids for what to expect, but then all they ask is "Can we go right now?" This will be Caleb's 1st beach trip....
- A&A will be 3 in August so birthday party planning is underway. Invites should be in any day now. I love invitations!
- A&A are starting to play more on their own which has been nice. I found Avery in her room yesterday reading to her babies. She had set them all out in front of her chair. Austin can't seem to get enough of his train table. If only his little brother wouldn't come along and tear up the tracks!

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