Friday, March 12, 2010

Boot story

So at the beginning of March, the kid's monthly calendar of activities was sent home and we noticed that Avery & Austin would be having a good ol' fashioned rodeo - Bouncing Bear style. The rodeo is held in conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (at least I think they do... seems logical) and weeks prior they talk about Texas history and the cowboy way. The calendar was hung up in its usual spot, but it took until the week of the event that I REALLY noted, the kids have rodeo on Thursday this week! As I started asking a few questions and talked to the kids a bit more, I realized this rodeo was a little bigger deal than I thought. Then my last minute mind jumped into action... what are they going to wear? We are not quite the cowboy family. We love our outdoors, but they are usually steer and heifer-free. Besides a hand me down set of chaps, a few play guns and some worn out straw cowboy hats that we got as a party favor, our cowboy gear is slim to none.
So Tuesday, two days before the rodeo, I was determined I was going to look for A&A a pair of boots. Brenham has a great wetern wear store where you are going to get good quality, but also pay for it. I haven't been there in years, probably not since high school, so I wasn't sure what they'd have. Turns out they had a wide variety of kids' boots and a number of styles to choose from. After looking at the price and not knowing how long the kids would even be able to wear them, I determined Austin would be the only one getting boots. When it comes to shoes, he's usually the one that gets the shaft. Anyone who looks in Avery's closet would agree. So, after debating the shoe size and leaving the store to mull over my choices, I decided to go to the kids resale shop downtown. I have found a few random things there, mainly shoes for Avery. I had popped in the week before and they didn't have anything, so I wasn't holding my breath. I walked into the store and told the lady what I was looking for. We looked on the shelf, nothing. Then she remembered that a lady had brought in boots the day before... pink ones.... cute ones... size 9!!!! SOLD for $7.50. That sold the deal for Austin's boots as well, and a hat!
So on my way home that night (I had a church meeting so I was coming home later) I knew my next dilema was that I was coming home with 2 pairs of boots, not 3. Caleb would expect a pair of boots and I could see a total melt down if he didn't get any. Believe me, we've seen it happen. The kids were playing in the backyard with Kelcie when I got home and didn't see me when I drove up so my first stop was the attic above the garage. I knew Austin didn't have any boots to pass along, but there had to be something up there. As I walked up the stairs, my eyes darted across to where I have their hand me downs and there they were - a pair of black rubber boots... size 8 - Caleb's new cowboy boots!
Later when they all came inside, they were all surprised with a new pair of boots, of some kind, and we had smiles all around! Yee haw!


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