Sunday, March 28, 2010

Egg huntin'

It is that time of year, time to hunt Easter eggs and refill the candy jar... again. Today we had our first official egg hunt of 2010. We've been practicing for a few weeks at home - there is a strategy to egg huntin' and we couldn't go to our first hunt cold turkey. We were invited out to an annual egg hunt put on by two families, one of which has a daughter in Austin & Avery's class. When it comes to Easter Egg hunting, these people know how to do it - visit from the Easter Bunny, hayride, egg hunt, and yummy snacks.
When we first arrived to our destination, we were welcomed by the Easter Bunny. Note to anyone out there reading who may want to have us over anytime soon - do not dress up in a large white bunny costume if you expect for us to hang around long. Austin & Caleb will avoid you like the black plague and Avery will be on pins and needles until she is assured that the Easter Bunny has left the building... for good. The pic below of Avery in tears shows what I am talking about. This was as the kids were loading up for the hayride and the bunny was still around, hanging out with the kids who actually liked him. As the hayride took off, the Easter Bunny spread out the eggs for the hunt and then disappeared. Avery was more excited to hear that he had left than she was seeing a pasture full of Easter eggs ready to be hunted.

As for the hunt itself, I was glad to see that the kids didn't go overboard with putting eggs in their baskets and unlike last year, they didn't open every egg right away to see what was inside. After hunting, the kids huddled together to examine their loot. I haven't seen them get along so well in weeks. Nothing like a little sugar to bring siblings together. We have 5 scheduled Easter egg hunts next weekend. We'll see if they continue to get along so well.


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