Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ER - should I stay or should I go??"

So it was just a "typical" weekday night with the exception of Wes having a 7pm church meeting. It had been a dreary day and knowing that we would not have the option to play outside that evening, I picked up Disney's just released Princess and the Frog and figured the kids and I would have movie night - early supper, air mattress on the floor, popcorn... the works.
Before the movie, the kids were going to shower off. A few minutes into the shower A&A started "dancing" which usually results in pulling each other around and someone falling down and eventually someone crying. I told them to stop - someone was going to get hurt -probably even yelled it a time or two. When the settled down I went into their rooms to get jammies.
As I was walking down the hall, I heard a high pitched scream - not an "ouch, I need attention scream." It was an "OUCH, I am really hurt, mommy please help me" scream. I found Avery crying hysterically (not necessarily an uncommon thing). I immediatley turned off the water, picked her up out of the shower, and started to dry her off. As I started asking the usual "What happened?" questions, I reached around the back of her head to dry her hair. As I pulled it back, the cream towel was now red - BLOOD! I quickly found the gash in the middle of the back of her head - she had hit the edge of the tile shower bench - and went into somewhat of a panic mode. What should I do? Does she need stiches? Should I take her to the ER?
As I am in panic mode, I hear Austin laughing and it brings me back to reality. In the shower I still have two naked boys, one of which just pooped on the shower floor and stepped in it. Really? Now? I swear Caleb has never done that before... was he testing me? Test or not, Austin sure was getting a kick out of it. Avery's gash was going to have to wait a few minutes so I could take care of the poop and get the boys dressed. I think I did it in record time, but can't say I would have won any kind of award for being gentle. Once the boys were dressed, I turned my attention back to Avery's gash and called Mimi to come over to help out in case we were headed to the ER and truth is I wanted a second opinion. During all of this, Wes & I were texting back and forth since he was in a meeting and his initial response was: this doesn't sound ER worthy... but he hadn't seen the blood!
While waiting for Mimi, Avery and I were able to calm down a bit. The cut was not bleeding that bad, it wasn't too deep and Avery wasn't crying too bad after the initial hit. The cut was gapping which is why I was thinking "stitches". While I was getting Avery dressed, I heard Austin sobbing in his room. When I asked him what was wrong, he said "I don't want Avery to have to go to the hospital. I won't get to see her for a few days." He has such a big heart!
So Mimi arrives, we both assess the wound again and after talking on the phone to Wes, a trip to the ER was no longer in the picture. Princess and the Frog was turned on and received Avery's full attention while I attempted to clean the cut and see if there was any possible way to bandage it. Since nothing would stick to her hair, I just pulled the hair aside and applied medicine. Avery got the prime spot on my lap for the remainder of the movie and for both of our comfort, got to sleep next to me all night.
Next morning.... all was well. No crying, not even when it came time to put in a ponytail. By the time I picked her up from school the next day, you could already see signs of the wound drying up. We just have to make sure and keep it clean.
I pray our ER visits are very limited. Maybe this was just a small test for what's to come.... let's hope not.


The Schramm Clan said...

I hope Avery is feeling better!!!

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