Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just a swingin'

3 great things about these photos: 1) the kids are barefoot and in short sleeves which means it is warm outside and spring is here. 2) The playhouse/swing set is being put to use, 3) I am not the one having to push the kids in the swing - Thanks, Popo

Avery, Austin, and Caleb all LOVE to swing. Unfortunetely for us, they can't do it on their own yet, or at least say they can't... though I know they make them do it on their own at school. So when they plead long and loud enough, Wes or I get to push all three for as long as we can stand it. They'd let us push them all day if we would, but neither of us could handle the constant "Higher! I want to go higher." "Mommy, push me" "I'm not going high enough".... they can be pretty demanding. I have a feeling we will spending a lot of time on the swings this spring/summer... even more reason to keep teaching them how to pump those legs.


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