Sunday, April 11, 2010

Camping report

As was expected, the kids loved camping with daddy and Popo. I went out to visit Friday afternoon and the kids gave me a recap of what all they had done - played at the playgroud (a lot), fished on the boat, played in the water, fed the ducks, roasted marshmellows, played in the camper, ate a bag of cheetos..... the list goes on. The trip reaffirmed that when "fishing" with 3 toddlers on the boat, no real fishing takes place. Caleb enjoyed throwing his entire pole in the water, Austin preferred playing/torturing the minnows on the boat, and Avery... well fishing isn't her thing. The kids did enjoy a visit by Uncle Doug, Kelcie, Rocky, Jamie and cousin Kennedy Thursday night. They must have practiced the art of marshmellow roasting.... I got to taste test plenty as the kids seemed to enjoyed roasting, but not eating the marshmellows.
When it came time for me to leave Friday evening, I was not surprised to have an extra passenger in the car. Avery decided one night of camping was enough. We headed home, showered and slept in our warm bed. The boys came home early Saturday morning and brought home a new task for me.... laundry!
Kuddos to my hubby for not only taking the camera, but also taking pics.


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