Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick tid bits

Not quite sure where this week has gone. We are already half way through the week.... believe me I am not complaining. Caleb is on the mend. He started putting pressure on his foot yesterday and has been on the go ever since. I am still hearing "Hold me" in my sleep as those were his favorite words after his burn incident.
Other than that, our chaos has been pretty uneventful these last few days. A&A are becoming such independent little people. Mornings are getting easier as they have started getting dressed when asked and prefer to put their shoes on by themselves opposed to me helping. Of course when I am running later than normal, that is a little frustrating because on these days it seems to take them forever. They have also figured out how to buckle themselves into their car seats. This has been huge! Once they get in the car, I can run back inside and get whatever I forgot (usuallly something every day) and they are buckled in by the time I get back out and then we are off for school. Caleb has the top buckle down, but I still need to assist him with the bottom. He's just growing up way too fast!


October Smith said...

Just gets even better when you can tell them to go take a shower and they themselves!

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Unknown said...
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