Friday, April 30, 2010


Well, I survived another year. Wednesday marked the bit 3-2 for me. When I woke up, I headed to the kitchen for my morning Diet Coke and found the counter lined with goodies from Wes & the kids. There were sticky notes from Wes and one said, "make sure to wait for the kids and act surprised!" They had all gone to the store the night before to pick up a few little surprises and much to my surprise, no one had spilled the beans.
Austin was the first one to wake up that morning and he came into my bathroom and said "mama, are you ready to open your presents, it's your birthday!" Avery popped right up after that and soon we were all checking out my goodies. In the fridge were some adult beverages (for teh evening of course), in the freezer was an ice cream cake, Austin & Caleb had each picked out some flowers for me and my girly girl Avery got me some sparkly purple fingernail polish. In another bag was a gift from Wes that I had asked for, yet never expected to get. Yes, the day got off to a great start! I did have to go to work, but my coworkers took me to lunch and I can't say too much work was accomplished:-) When I got home from work with the kids, we found Wes waiting for the kids to help him plant flowers for a new flower bed I had requested. Then we loaded up for dinner with my parents and mother-in-law and ended the night on a high note - ice cream cake. So there was nothing fancy or overwhelming about the day, but I was able to spend it with the people I love more than anything. I was able to celebrate my life with the people who make life worth living!


The Schramm Clan said...

You have a beautiful and blessed family!:) Glad your b-day was great!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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