Friday, April 9, 2010

Wes & the kids are camping

Early this week, Wes said that he and his dad were thinking of taking the camper out to the lake Thursday - Saturday. He then added the magic words "and we'll take the kids." What glorious words to my ears! Everyone reading knows that I love my kids with all of my heart and soul, but the little rascals wear me out! Time alone... at home.... is a rare gift.
The kids were ecstatic when Wes told him they were going to go camping, but when Avery realized that mommy wasn't going along, she changed her mind. Now I'm not much for the camping thing and Wes has stopped even asking if I want to come along.... we live close enough to the lake where I can drive out for a while, but be back home at night to shower and sleep in my own bed. I think Avery is very much her own mother and we will most likely spend many trips back and forth to the lake together to see the other men in our family who "rough" it.
As of Thursday morning, Avery still was not going camping. She was fully aware that she would be going to school Friday by herself and she would not be able to join in the special "cheetos" treat that seems to make every camping trip. We packed up all the boys stuff and when Wes left for work the plan was for him to pick up the boys early at 3:00pm from school and head out to the lake to meet up with Popo and I would pick up Avery at 5pm. We would have a girls night at home and them meet them out at the lake when I got off on Friday.
3:10pm on Thursday, Wes calls, "Avery wants to go now." I think the main reason she wanted to go was that she didn't want to have to stay at school if Austin was leaving. I met Wes up at school to give him another car seat and then he had to go home and get a few extra things for her. As he drove off, I admit I smiled and started planning my evening. I ate dinner without having to get up for someone else, watched upinterrupted tv, and was in bed before 9pm. It's the little things that made this night so wonderful.
I am heading out to the campsite this afternoon. They are supposed to stay out one more night, but I will not be surprised if I bring a pretty little camper home with me.


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