Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 Look at what showed up at our house on Valentines Day!
As we stopped at the mailbox, these two puppies were sitting in the grass.  They followed the car up to the house and haven't left the backyard since.  In fact right now they are sound asleep on the mat right outside the back door. 
Up to this point, discussions regarding adding a dog to the Maurer Party of Five mix have been pretty short... we're not ready.  The thought of one more thing to look after is not the least bit appealing to me.  Wes and I both agree to no dogs in the house so that leaves it roaming our property and we'd possibly need to build a pen for it.  Again, we're just not ready.  I should add  one other very important detail - our kids don't like dogs.  That could be a determining factor, right?  Austin has just recently warmed up to them as you can see in the picture above.  He's the only one that will get close enough to touch them.  Avery will throw a ball to them, but won't get close to the ball if the dogs are close and Caleb watches from the inside out the back window. 
I guess having two dogs show up (likely dropped off on the side of the road) gives us some hands on experience with 3 kids and a dog, in this case 2.  I think we've already found a home for one of them.  Anyone else out there looking for a dog to call their own?!?!

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