Friday, February 17, 2012

Mornings with Caleb

I thought I had it bad with Avery, but when it comes to picking out clothes to wear for school, or any occasion for that matter, Caleb is near impossible.  A few months ago, things were much easier as he had a few pairs of jeans that we rotated through on a regular basis.  But this boy is all boy and most of those jeans now have holes in the knees.  I have put off getting him new ones with his birthday around the corner and the fact that he has about 6 pairs of jeans/pants that are just fine, he just refuses to wear them for various reasons.
One of those reasons - "crincks".  What is a crink you ask?  I haven't quite figured it out, but I think it is wrinkles or when pants are longer and the material bunches up.  He was crying the other day about pants I made him put on and when I asked what was wrong, he told me "I don't like all these crinks".  He will at least wear athletic pants now, but will only wear two of the pairs he has to school. I guess the other pairs aren't school worthy?  And shirts... he has about 6 that he wears regularly and the rest just sit in his closet.  I have just given up that battle.  His tears are not worth it.
Then there are the shoes.  He got a pair of Nike tennis shoes that have one velcro strip across the tongue.  On the tounge is a "nike" tag, and that tag has to be covered by the velcro strip or he won't put them on.  He brings them to me and says "cover them up". 
I am hoping this is all a phase although I remember Wes's aunts telling me when we first started dating how difficult he was to buy for because he was so picky.  We could be in for many challenging mornings!

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