Friday, February 10, 2012

Penguin Play

A special day for Kindergarten Kingdom is Penguin Play day.  For two weeks the kids learn all about penguins and then tell parents, friends and the rest of the school all about the tuxedo birds.  This years play was postponed due to the storm that I blogged about a few posts back, you know the one where we were stuck in the garage.  In the end, the Penguin Play was a huge success and our two penguins did a fabulous job!
 Kindergarten Penguins
 Avery Penguin - she wore goggles because she was a "swimming" penguin
 Swimming Penguin Austin
All smiles after their performance.

After the play, we had to measure the kids and order their Kindergarten Graduation gowns.  I was kind of taken back at the idea of these two graduating from Kindergarten already.  Pretty sure I'll need tissues that day.

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