Thursday, February 23, 2012

Backyard Addition....

 Caleb's 4th birthday present!
Breaking in the trampoline!

We were at a loss for what to get Caleb for his birthday... it's tough being close to Christmas.  From other parties and friend's homes, we knew the kids would love a trampoline so this was more of a group gift, but Caleb got the first jump.
Despite sickness striking our house this week, we've enjoyed a few evenings out on the trampoline.  I remember always wanting a trampoline as a kid, so the gift is just as much fun for me as it is for the kids. 
You will probably note that we decided to forgo the safety net and set the trampoline up without it.  We do have one, just decided not to add it on just yet.  It will probably take that first ER visit for a broken bone for us to put it up....

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October Smith said...

No worries...most injuries are not from falling off rather from colliding with another person, or landing wrong. 75% of all injuries happen because there is more than one person on at a time. :)