Sunday, February 26, 2012

Parties for Caleb

 We opted for a small cake (Olde Town Bakery) along with cupcakes (Mimi) and cookies (Uncle Jason).
The Birthday Boy
The trampoline was a huge hit for the kids.  
 About to sing Happy Birthday to Caleb... he was quite shy and hid behind the cake.

 Ethan, Caleb, & Jase
Caleb got a snazzy new belt buckle from his girlfriends.

 Avery & Austin had to give their expertise in gift opening.
 Blowing out the candles round #2.
Hot game of soccer at Party #2.

Party #1 Recap:  Saturday morning we celebrated Caleb's birthday with his Bouncing Bear friends at our house.  We pulled out all the outdoor toys and the kids entertained themselves only to break for pizza and cake.  It was the perfect way for a 4 year old to celebrate with his best buds and girlfriends.

Party #2 recap:  Saturday afternoon we regrouped for family and friends.  With the help of Uncle Jason, we put together a taco feast.  The temps were a little cooler than we were hoping for but that didn't stop us from having a good time.  Caleb didn't get a nap in so when it came time to blow out his candles a second time he was a little tired and insisted his dad help him out.  Over all we had a great day celebrating out litt'le man's 4th birthday.

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