Sunday, August 9, 2009

Austin's beach review

We just got back from Port Aransas. It was so much fun! Mom and dad let us stay up late and we didn't take naps until way later than we usually do. We went to the beach everyday. I liked fishing with daddy in the surf. He'd go out and get a fish on and then bring it in for me to reel in. We didn't catch anything real big, but that was ok. I liked playing in the sand at the beach. I wasn't a big fan of going out and staying in the waves. The clams were pretty cool too. I sat on the edge of the water with Aunt Candice and we collected a whole bunch in my bucket. Uncle Steve even found a few hermit crabs for me.

We fed the seagulls our leftovers!

We got to go to the Texas State Aquarium. That was really cool. We saw a dolphin show, touched sting rays, and got to see lots of fish in a big tank. I could have stayed and watched the sharks all day.

Thanks, Toppe and Grandpa for making this beach trip possible. I really want to go back again soon.

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