Friday, August 21, 2009

Year and a half.....

Caleb is a year and a half today.... 18 mos in toddler terms. To be honest, when I say to myself that he is 18 months old, it sounds young, like he should be older. He is always with his brother and sister and doing so many of the things that they do that at times it seems like we have three 3 yr olds.
So how is Caleb at 18 months old? Loves to flirt; knows how to throw a tantrum when he doesn't get something he wants; loves to eat and make a mess with his food; not talking too much yet, but knows how to get our attention; he's a joker, I see a class clown in his future; knows how to make us laugh... and boy does he make us laugh!; loves his brother and sister, but doesn't always want to share with them.

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