Monday, August 17, 2009

The birthday party is all about.... the cakes

When I asked Austin & Avery what kind of birthday party they wanted to have, Austin said "Lightening McQueen" and Avery's response was "Princess". I was a little confused on how to get those 2 themes into one invitation, so instead I went with the Playground theme since their big gift was the playscape. (Plus, I am not a big fan of character themes.) I thought I should at least incorporate Lightening McQueen and Princess into the cakes. I went to the new bakery in town and I was super excited when I went to pick up the cakes Saturday morning. Austin's was a flamin' Lightening McQueen and Avery's was a princess crown masterpiece. The decor around the edge is edible, just a thin layer of crystal sugar. In addition to looking good, they tasted great. The best way to top off a birthday party is with a sugar high!!!

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